Sport 1100 Shift Linkage Replacement

Midnight. Stuck in fifth gear and 55 miles from including across town routes. Fooey. Shift linkage broke.

Call dealer. Each ball joint (part #28 25 81 60) lists for $56.74 USD. Ouch!

Napa has a heavier duty part: NAPA/Balkamp #732-1127 Rod End. A tad under $9 each. Two of the better and infinitely cheaper rod ends and 3" of 1/4-28 threaded rod, a pair of suitable 10mm bolts (preferable SS Hex), washers and one 10mm locknut plus a 1/4-28 nut thinned to 1/2 it's normal thickness makes for an entire new shift linkage. Center to center distance on the holes is approximately 2 3/4" (6.99cm). Adjust to taste.

A little note here: the cheapest performance trick for the Sport 1100's is to adjust the shift lever for a lot more down angle than
they come as stock. You miss fewer up-shifts that way.

Carl Allison