What you wanted to know about our Dyno adventures... For the EV/Jackal/Bassa/Stone/SS/Aluminum/Ti, etc.

Here's what we found out...
Starting at the front, this is the run-down:

1. Stock header pipes work extremely well and are keepers, though a bit heavy in (weight) comparison to the beautiful set of
Stucchi X-over headers from MG Cycle - which are identical in performance numbers.

2. The infamous 'H' pipe crossover flows better then any other variable (i.e. stock or modified crossover, etc.). A
modified crossover helped put a small bump in the h.p./torque just off idle, but then the H-pipe rocketed past, and never looked back. Our results/PCIII maps were based on the Stucchi stainless 'H' pipe X-over.

3. A
decent set of aftermarket mufflers are key to letting the EV motor breathe- more so then the stockers with opened/punched baffles. We've tested most of the options out there, and the top finishers are the Conti-rep muffler (core) by Bub Enterprises (BubEnt.com), and the LaFranconi Competiziones (also avail. through Gordon at MG Cycle). The Bub's hammered out better then 10 hp and 13 ft-lbs over the punched stock muffs, all in the meat of the powerband (as shown in the above graph). There are a handful of gripes about Bub quality/construction, including my own, in which mine broke three times within their first year. Bub did fix them all three with a bit of a fight, but the last time I was told they wouldn't fix them anymore. They refused to accept the fact that maybe there was a defect in the design & materials. I'm living with the bare weld they returned them with this last time. While they do not offer pipes specifically for Moto Guzzi any more, you can still find the "Bub Conti Rep" which is still made for the older Ducati 860-900s.

4. On the intake side of things... a modified airbox lid -
see picture here - works as well in the low-to-mid then any seperate filters... No, it doesn't look as cool, but it's worth almost 5 hp/5 ft-lbs through the meat of the midrange over the stock airbox lid. Seperate filters? They finally caught the modded airbox near the rev-limiter. *A noisy note: The "open-lid" airbox gives a near deafening honk at full throttle... as it probably tries to suck the paint off the bottom of the tank. It works, but don't say I didn't warn you. Cut away at the airbox lid, just simply leave the lower "rim" (with bolt holes) to hold the element down -or- you can try aftermarket prodcuts such as Fast by Ferracci's airbox eliminator kit and BNC air filter element.

  We were in search of the best street-able combo. That said, the picks are; modified airbox with K&N/BNC or Foam filter. Stock headers (unless you want to spend the ducats on the Stucchi X-over headers for bonus points at the next rally), H-pipe crossover, and a decent set of aftermarket mufflers.

  The above mods have my
Bub equipped '00 Jackal at 72 rear wheel hp and 69 ft- lbs of torque. Not bad from the 61.4 hp/ 56.2 ft-lbs that it started with (stock punched mufflers). Of course, the key in the above equation, above any numbers... is the drive-ability that a Power Commander III delivers. None of that story can be told with numbers. The PCIII is the tool to make any mod work... period.

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