Sears Lift Mod to lift EV Models with the Centerstand Removed

   Jeff just added that if you'd like to purchase one already done, go here:
   You will need:

(7) 3/8"x2" long bolts
    3 bolts connect bracket to board
    4 bolts connect steel angles to board
(11) 3/8" washers
    3 washers used when connecting bracket to board
    8 washers used when connecting steel angles to board
(4) 3/8" nuts
    all nuts used to connect board to angles
(1) chunk of 2x12 board 24" long
(1) drill and bits, including 1" spade bit and hand tools

(1) Sears motorcycle lift

(*)wood working/fab skills and parts made by any local welding shop.

    Basically, get the metal parts made as shown.  Remove the rubber pads from the top of your Sears lift.
Here's a few pictures of just the lift. It is pretty easy to do, but hard to put in words, so here are the highlights:

   Make sure you sink bolts that connect the board to the angles into the top of the board.  Use a 1" spade bit so the washers and bolt heads will sit flush down in, otherwise, your oil pan will sit on bolt heads instead of the board. Make sure you get the end of the board located off the center of the lift as shown in the assembly so the bike will balance.
   This is for 2002 Cali bikes with no centerstands! The older models should fit also. Just lay something flat and straight and measure across the bottom of the pan and measure up to where your center stand would go (look for the lugs- it's pretty obvious) and make sure it is the same as the dimension on the assembly drawings:
Lift Plan
Lift Rear Plan
Lift Side Plan
Main Bracket
Angle Bracket

   If not, make the bracket shorter or taller to suit-the rear of the bike will lift first since the motor does not sit level in the frame.  Don't be alarmed! Lift will begin to raise the bike by the centerstand lugs maybe 3/8-1/2" before the oil pan settles down flat on the wood and everything lifts.

    You cannot slide the lift under the bike with the bracket bolted on!  Hold the bracket under the bike in the correct position, slide the lift under, then run bolts up under the board to secure the bracket to the board. Either have someone hold the bike upright during this procedure, to place some wood (two 2x4's work) under the sidestand to level the bike.
See how to put it on here.
    If the lift does not slide under with the bracket off, drive your bike up on some 1x12's

Tie down the bike to the lift before seeing it lifted in all it's Glory!!! If it falls over and damages itself or hurts you, don't have a lawyer call me. You are undertaking this project of your own free will.
    For tie downs, you can go to a Harley dealer and talk to the guys in the service department.  Ask them if they will give/sell you some of the white tie downs the factory straps the bikes to the shipping crates with [don't pay money for the straps- dig 'em out of the trash if you have to- the shops get these for free with crated new bikes. ed the ed.].  You need the long ones, not the short ones.  They are handy because they have no hooks.  You can then tie the bike to the lift as shown in the pictures.

    There is another set of lugs/spacers just in front of the ones I used.  The slot in the bracket can be made slightly wider and the bracket can be made slightly shorter to work with these lugs/spacers.  This way you can use the lift with a bike with the centerstand.  In another week or so, I'll have a drawing for the bracket that will allow you to keep the centerstand on the bike.  Also in the works is a bracket for the V11 Sport:

Jeffery H. Brannen