Graham A's Breva 1100 modifications:

Topbox: Because the Guzzi items weren't available, I fitted this Givi Micro2, 26 litre topbox using custom brackets made from welded 25 x 25 x 3mm steel angle and 20 x 3mm steel flat.  The projecting 6mm dia. hooks provide a place to hang my helmet when stopping by the roadside, which I do often to enjoy the scenery and have a cup of tea etc.  The setup cost $NZ 150 compared to $NZ 1050 for the Guzzi carrier and 28 litre topbox.

Windscreen: The larger Givi A620 screen (shows excess length of mounting arm rod prior to being trimmed off) uses four mounting arms whereas the A600 uses two, with the screen resting on the headlight rim - rubber separating buffers are a good idea there and I used self-adhesive 20mm discs of draught stripping.  This photo shows the lower arms of the A620 connecting to the headlight mounting screws.  This works well but requires longer M6 cap screws, fender washers and 8mm long 10mm OD aluminium tube spacers.  I used SS metal items.  This photo shows how I adapted the Givi upper mounting arms to fit the Breva's cast risers.  Drawing of the bracket -- Close-up photo mounted.

Kickstand: For better support on soft ground, I added this brazed-on 3mm steel foot to the sidestand.  The upturned toe provides a lever to lower and raise the stand with my boot heel and the reflective red dot makes it easier to see if the stand is down.

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