Jeff B's PCIII'ed Stone

  Well, finally finished adding the Stucchi x-over (thanks MGCycle), a BMC air filter and air box lid ring (thanks Ferracci), Mistral mufflers (thanks MPHCycles) and my PCIII (Thanks last night on my 2002 Stone. Here it goes:

1. Rode first just with x-over. More noise, little more performance.

2. Added PCIII. Now we are getting somewhere, way better throttle response & smoother running.

3. Added new air filter / airbox lid conversion. Awesome intake roar at full throttle. A little more performance.

4. Added the Mistrals. Oh my God, where did that power come from? I ran with and without my Power Commander. It ran ok but popped & broke up a lot thru the exhaust without the PC, and I would have had to really crank up the fuel trim to eliminate it (using the factory Motorbike Diagnostic Software Tool). With the PCIII, this thing pulls HARD off the bottom and gets to 100 real quick. I shifted into second somewhere near 45 or so. It was incredible. That and the sound is something worth writing home about. The motor now has a bottom end and midrange, something the stock bike did not have. It accelerates so smooth also - much better than the stocker. A stock bike and one even with a x-over and punched out stock mufflers has a big ol' dip right at 4000. Todd has lots of curves he will send you showing the various combos. Unless you go all the way, you will always have that dip. Aftermarket mufflers and the x-over take out the dip and the PCIII corrects the fuel in this range (something you cannot do with the fuel trimmer on the 15M ECU, as it will not let you adjust it unless the bike is at idle!!). The air filter and eliminated lid are good for 5hp and 5 ft-lbs thru the midrange guaranteed.

Was it worth it? Hell yeah it was! The roll on power is awesome. The sound is incredble. At constant cruise it is slightly louder but deeper than stock. Twist the throttle and it freakin' roars. Steps 1 and 2 were mild improvements over stock, but the whole package in step 3 is unreal. There is no way a bike with just a K&N and x-over will hang with this thing now.

Grab Jeff's map here -

Jeffery H. Brannen