Quat-D muffler on V11S

  I installed a Ghezzi & Brian Quat-D Muffler and a Fast by Ferracci airbox kit with BMC airfilter.

Here are the results:
  This graph shows my bike vs. a stock bike dyno'd in Las Vegas;

  Mine has more mid-range but less up top.

  This bike shows my bike before and after the tuning link at Dyno-Dudes (Moreno Valley, CA) and compared to Todd's PCIII'ed Jackal
(See my 'More EV Power' article. Ed. - Todd);
  You can imagine how much better the throttle response and smoothness of running is now since I've had it cusom mapped!

David Laing

Stock V11S vs. Quat-D Muffler

Muffler Picture

Tuning Link Power Graph