Shrapnel Italia by Ed Milich
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My V50 bevel gear box after breaking some screws.
Laurent in France
Some pix from a V65 of my friend Renaud. May be too much rpm.

A very high mileage Eldorado clutch

Pat Hayes
The result of an exhaust vale dropping off stem on a Moto Guzzi SP1000

Ray Dunkley
It happened during my second outing with newly rebuilt 750S3. I heard this knock in the back, I thought it was the center stand bouncing back in place, then a few km later the engine cut out I had to stop.

I found then that the rear drive casting had a big hole in it and oil was all over the rear of the bike. I had happily gone  around bends without realizing it!

The engine restarted after I reseated the connector on the back of the front light case,  and I rode home quietly, thinking of the remarkable coincidence: my Moto Guzzi had stopped the engine as I did not realize the problem! She was paying me back of the loving attention to bring her back to life after years of neglect...

Ennio Carraro
Smallblock racer engine failure
...lifted from
Anima Guzzi
...the result of a rod failure in my V35/V50 hybrid. I'm still not certain of the root cause. I can only  assume that the rod had some kind of weakness at the small end!

I am in the process of tearing the gear box apart of my 1997 1100 Sport i due to transmission noise. What I have found is pitting on alot of gears.

Pontus Lagerberg, Sport1100, Sweden
I see internals
Cracked crankshaft, pummeled pushrods
This looks expensive.
"My, but that was quite a pothole".
Andrew Gray, CX100, Los Angeles
Find some photos of my Scura  and the fly wheel
broken after 12000km !!! Broken during a small acceleration (really) at 80km/h ... gloups !

Chelmi Ryu, Scura, France
V65 SP pencil holders.  Special $5.99 + tax

Sean Fader, Southern California
Some photos of my 1000SP after 140000km- the helical gear wheel of the distributor.

Chelmi Ryu, France
A Battered Breva Engine
Thom Irwin, Los Angeles
Shrapnel formed at a very slow rate - by being taken apart in 1982 and bought in 2005 to put right.
How can anyone do this to a Lemon?

Rupert Battersby,UK.
My 1979 T3 bevel drive.  Fairly high
mileage - easily 100K+ as I've put 50K on it - ex-Spanish police bike.

Simon Weller
Cracked ally flywheel removed from my brother's 850 Le Mans 3, after only
20 000 km

Jean Claude of
Scuderia Guzzi
On my way to work,when I thought I'd missed a gear, no such luck. Twisted pinion splines on an '02 Stone


Accident happened after a small jump
over a speedbump.
more at
Floris Grootendorst
Some nicely shattered V10 Cam followers
Gerard Verkley
I have no explanation for this, other than the odometer was 
reading 65566. 2001 V11 Sport.
Don Vanderweele
British  Columbia.
Images of a meeting between a 1000 Convert and a flower stand...

Hie ! This is how I find one of the 4 rod bolts of my 1000 S-P, I am transforming in a "sleek " caferacer -
I add that the frame was entirely rusted because sanded but never coated, the oil pump was craked, the epurator hole in the crank was completely full of still powder, so it bearings at the end of theyre life, and this bolt figured the " top sherry on the cake ".

Jean-Claude Fusarelli
If Salvadore Dali rode a Quota...
Broken Engine Case
George Dockray
  I wondered why my clutch would slip excessively but at other times not at all. The freeplay in the clutch lever would go from little to lots along with the slipping. When I opened it I found one disc had shed everything. The bike still went.

Matt Heckert in San Francisco
Exploded V50 drive shaft. 
I was doing about 40 mph at the time, rather than the steady 80 mph cruise I was doing about a minute earlier!

Andy Smith
les collerettes  des 2  échappements ont été arrachées , sans raison apparente , 13500 kms

Broken bell housing. Lifted from German Guzzi site.