Valve adjustment on the Sport 1100's

  Don't remove the fairing. Remove the rear fairing mount screws. Use a soft nylon strap looped under the fairing "ears" at the rear and pulled across the tank. Tighten the strap enough to pull the fairing up and slightly clear of the valve covers. Pulling the fairing up too far will scratch the tank. I speak from experience here. This is also where I recommend using ball end allen wrenches that have been "scratch de-enabled" by putting some heat shrink on the shaft of the allen wrench.

  Oil filter cover tool for the Sport 1100i's/Daytona RS's and Centauros. Do you have a 27mm allen wrench? Neither do I. I do have a plethora of old Japanese tool bag stuff left from a series of mis-guided adventures in my youth. Long Before Moto Guzzi days as it
were. The outside of a spark plug wrench of what was probably from my RD350 YammerHammer is a good, but not perfect fit for the oil filter cover. Bu it does work. I hack-sawed off the applicable portion and it stores as part of the Guzzi spark plug wrench. Alternatively, you can weld a 27mm nut to a piece of metal strap. I prefer the sawed off spark plug approach merely because it will fit in the bag along with a ton of other garbage.

  Since the cylinder heads need periodic torquing, it is nice to add yet another "special" tool to your repertoire. Take a 10mm allen wrench and cut off the short "L" portion, leaving just the long 10mm shaft. I used a Dremel tool with an abrasive cut-off blade. It took about 3 minutes. The 10mm shaft can be used with a 10mm socket drive for the uppermost cylinder head bolt. That makes pulling the fairing a lot easier because you can access the mount screws without removing the mirror pivot bolt etc.

Carl Allison
Modesto, California
97 MG Sport 1100i "Bright Red Italian Bugswatter"
97 MG California 1100i
MGNOC 17546