Steering Head Bearing Replacement for your EV / Tonti frame.

If you have decided to check those steering head bearings on your Tonti framed Guzzi EV, and find the bearings have never been properly greased and therefore turned into a smegma-filled ratchety assembly.
  I have found that the local Discount Auto Parts has them for about $8 each.
  The bearing no. is
30205, the bearing and race come together.

  The parts person will actually look for them if you just give them the number, and neglect to tell them what it's off of, necessitating the standard, "No sir, we don't have parts for motorcycles".
  The bearings would be cheaper at your local bearing house I suspect, but the auto parts store is open all weekend. I used a good lithium based grease upon assembly and suspect they will be as good as the ones in my T3 in another 25 years.

John Olsen