Hesitating '98 EV? Replace the TPS.

Over the past year, my '98 EV had developed a hesitation problem. It only did this when I had the throttle barely cracked open. If I whacked the throttle open quickly, it took off fine...but if I tried to maintain my speed, it would hesitate. Of course, it was an intermittent problem and never showed up when the dealer rode the bike
(of course). At times, it would run great for a long time, then it would start the hesitation. Sometimes it was small annoyance, other times it was a pretty violent jerking motion. My local dealer said it wasn't the TPS, as did several other dealers I spoke with. However, several people off the online Moto Guzzi Community felt it most likely was, and so did John Stoddart of MGNA. Someone mentioned to me that Harley has the same TPS, and that it's MUCH cheaper than MG's. (FYI: Dealers want almost $200, just for the part). The same part from Harley was $40! The part number is: 27271-95. I bought it, and Wayne O. helped install it, and he had the software also to get it set up properly. Problem solved, it runs great.

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