JackalEVStone Tail Light Assembly Fix
This applies to the dual tail lamp as used on 98 02 EV and all Stones and Jackals. What we see most is the boss breaks off the housing. The turn signals then hang off and beat up the fender.

The fix is a 1/2 in delrin rod 165 mm long, drilled and tapped on each end to M6x1.0.  If one side of the housing is still intact, run a 1/8 drill into the hole to mark the center,then screw a 6mm screw into the boss and bust it off.Then use a 1/2 drill to go thru the entire housing. You want to center up on the hole where the 6 mm screw was. There a 4 surfaces to line up.Now grind a flat on the rod about 1/4 of the diameter.This flat is needed for clearance to the screws holding the lamps to the base.  Push the rod thru the housing and secure if desired with your favorite pooky. The fit should be secure without glue.

This fix weighs next to nothing, if you donít glue it is repeatable if you mangle it in the future. Delrin should prove much tougher than the molded in brass nutserts. The only difficult part is getting the holes lined up so a long drill would help.

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