Lightening a Tommaselli Throttle pull

Just a few comments and observations about lightening carby sport throttles.

  You can fit a twin cable 100 degree Tommaselli throttle and the lightest
springs that Dellorto make, but some simple mods are needed if some
minor problems are to be avoided.

  First problem is that in wet / cool weather the throttle can stick part
open due to slight carby icing, the light return springs can't close the
slide fully if the throttle is just rolled off slowly, it is fine if you
close the throttle quickly.

  The fix is to increase the initial pre load on the slides by making the
springs 30 mm (1.25" for you unenlightened ludites) longer by stretching
them one at a time, use the old one as an initial length comparison and
then the longer one.

  Second is that I couldn't keep my sport in sync until I changed the 70
degree cable tubes to 90 degree ones, this gets the cable away from the
fuel valve anyway, if you still have solenoids or it is retro fitted with
Monza taps like my bike.

  This mod is definitely the way to go.

Andrew "Gadget" Henzell
  Light throttled sport 1100C