Tool Kit Contents

When I started Guzzi-ing I asked everyone what tools to carry and got no reply.
  This is what�s in my on bike tool kit now 3 years later...

Throttle Cable (taped under tank frame tube)
Clutch cable (under seat)
Throttle slider cable

Spare fuses
Micro maglight torch
Lengths old wire
Choccy block
Spark plug(s)
Taillight bulb
Spark plug cap
Insulation tape

Adjustable spanner (Jammed in space between Rear mudguard and side panel)
13mm combination spanner
Box spanner to fit spark plug
Short stubby screwdriver (reversible Philips/straight)
10mm spanner
Allen key set
T-handle multi tool screw driver thing with selection of bits
Mini molegrips
24mm spanner (cut to short length)

Tubeless puncture repair kit

Cable ties (loads of 'em)
Odd nuts and bolts
Rubber bands

Small throttle slider cable replacement kit...
Small allen key
New cable

  I�ve found the 2 problems that you often get apart from the really poor throttle and clutch cables breaking is dropping the bike which results in a broken plug cap and snapping the small throttle slider cable. [Hence the need for fin guards-ed.]. I wish I knew this when I started.

Kevin Foote