V11S Driveshaft / Shifter Grease Fitting

This procedure is for a 2000 model but it may work on other 6-speed transmissions models as well. There are three grease fittings on the V11S driveshaft. The two in the rear are easy to get to but the one near the transmission is another matter altogether. To gain access to the front grease fitting, raise the rear tire off the ground and turn the rear wheel so the grease fitting on the front U-joint is pointing up. You can feel it with your finger or use a mirror and flash light to see it. Remove the bolt that holds the rear shock to the swing arm--this will let the swing arm drop down slightly. With the swing arm in this position you can "snake" a grease-gun hose on top of the drive shaft and push it on to the grease fitting. I used a standard flexible (rubber) hose and grease fitting. You may want to hold the grease fitting it in place with needle nose pliers while you inject the grease.
After you�re done, use Q-tips to clean off the excess grease from the U-joints as it will fling itself all over the bike when you ride it. As an alternative to cleaning up this mess, use duct tape and wrap it around the front and rear covers (guards that cover the U-joints), go for a ride, then remove the tape. The excesses grease will stay on the tape instead of everywhere else.
The shifter on a V11S uses an allen bolt as a pivot. This assembly tends to get dry after riding several thousand miles. It can be removed from the bike and greased but this takes awhile as several bolts are hard to get to. I took my shifter off and drilled and tapped a hole for a standard grease fitting (available at most auto parts stores). Now it only requires a shot of grease instead of disassembly.

Tracy Martin