V11S Oil Filter Access

Taken for the V11LeMans forum:

If you're wondering about the oil filter access on the sump, it's a 27mm hex.

For the oil filter access:
If you could find a 27mm wrench, you'd buy it and find that it's way too large to carry around on the bike.

There are several alternatives.
1) Take a 27mm nut and have it welded to a steel handle.
2) Find that a sparkplug wrench for a bike just happens to have an outside hex dimension that fits adequately. (I did and it fits in my tool pouch as well)
3) Buy the Volkswagon tool for about $18 dollars. I don't know what this tool is specifically or for which model, but it does exist.
4) Just drop the whole pan and don't worry about the tool. Should the filter be in really tight or the filter wrench slips, then this will be the only approach anyway. If you have a dedicated tool, this can actually be faster (see below). You do not need to replace the gasket for this option either.

For the oil filter wrench:
There are several oil filters that fit these bikes. The original UFI filter has a different number of flutes on the case than some of the others (Fram for instance). There is a good metal wrench available (Vector 17030) for the UFI filters while for the Fram filters there is a plastic one. The plastic wrenches tend to just expand and slip on a tight filter. When that happens, it's easier to remove the sump. At that point, nearly anything that will get the filter off becomes the qualified tool. Strap wrenches, clamping filter removers, a screwdriver punched through the filter. You get my drift.

For the sump:
Get an extra allen wrench that fits the sump screws, lop it off with a Dremel cutting wheel. Dedicate an extra drive socket for it and store it as a unit. Makes removing the sump becomes a very easy task.

Carl Allison


Here is some additional information you may want to know about engine oil changes.
Non-OE Oil Filters

Fram PH3614 will fit but construction is questioable.

Go to WalMart and get the SuperTech ST3614 for around $2 (vs $15 for the Guzzi filter). This filter is made by Champion labs, is better constructed than a Fram, and has a 94% multiple pass efficiency rating. Just be sure to remove the decal on the filter before you install it.
(Tip from Tracy Martin, off of the Wildguzzi.com site)

Also the Amsoil SMF125 is supposed to work and be of very high quality.

3.5 liters of 20W/50 engine oil = 3.7 US quarts = 3.08 imperial quarts
Don't overfill it. The dipstick is read after screwing the dipstick all the way in with the bike upright.

David Laing