WD40 Worship: Electrical connectors and salted roads

Whenever I take connectors apart or remove relays, before putting back I pack the terminals with silicon grease - lots of it. This keeps out the worst of the water and road salt in winter and lasts a good time. The same applies to grounding points after they have been cleaned. Smear with grease before reassembling. WD40 in the switchgear also has beneficial properties.

On the subject of weather protection, various aluminum parts on my 1100 Sport start showing the white corrosion spots in winter (salt again). Scrub them off using a toothbrush and (you've guessed it) WD40, and then wipe over with a good coating of new engine oil. Looks good when fresh, but after a week or so will have picked up the dirt. Just repeat the process with the toothbrush and recoat. Come summer, clean it all off and everything looks as good as new.

Rob Macfie