Late Model No Start Condition - Valeo Solenoid Sticking


Turn key on
Fuel pump primes and cycles.
Push starter button-nothing.
Replace relays etc, etc.-still no start.
Tighten all connections, etc-still no start.

Try tapping the solenoid with your heel while sitting on the bike.Bingo!!!

Pull the starter. Remove the 4 #20 Torx screws on the starter assembly and the 5th that holds the solenoid on. As you remove the solenoid cover and view the copper colored "plunger" look for rub marks on the bottom of the plunger. The rub marks are spots where it was hanging up and where the boot kick jolted it loose.

I used 400# wet/dry sand paper water and "polished" the rub marks off the plunger and them took some fine metal polish and polished the rub areas inside the cover (which is a chromed cylinder). Now apply a thin coat of motor oil on the plunger.

Reassemble. No more problems for far!